Careprost Eyelash serum Reviews

Long eyelashes look like an elf as beautiful and lovely.How to have a long, strong eyelashes?Using careprost eyelash serum. Do you want to know more comments about careprost.

It works. I apply to mostly my brows and sometimes my lashes, I saw a huge difference in my brows after a couple weeks. So much cheaper than latisse!

Definitely have seen eyebrow growth. Not much growth in upper lashes, but some in lower lashes. I did follow directions and it takes a few weeks to see results. Don’t expect overnight lashes!

In case if you are a contact lenses user, then it is advisable to wear off them before using Careprost Eye Drop, and wait for the 15 minutes after applying eye drop and then put them back into your eyes. to make application of another eye drop into your eyes. Do not touch the dropper tip with your hand or any other body part; else, it can contaminate the drug.

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